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>Mommy’s Lunch Out

>So, I had plans for lunch out today. Since it was a pretty day out, I thought I’d pull out some of my cute clothes (at least, the few that fit at three months post-baby). Baby cooperated by falling asleep about an hour before I was planning to leave. It’s been a couple days since I washed my hair, but at least it was brushed. Make up went on without a hitch. Nice jewel tone fitted tshirt. Pulled out the super cute new fall boots. Got baby dressed, diaper bag ready, and we’re headed out the door.


Popped into the bathroom to grab the cell phone I left in there. And realize that while I actually look put together like a normal person (as opposed to post-partum dishevled), there are three small stains on the front of shirt.

Oh well.

At least I had cute shoes.



About ThatArmyWife

I am an Army Wife, mom,equestrian, animal lover, and photographer.


One thought on “>Mommy’s Lunch Out

  1. >Oh yes, I know this all too well! I'm 4 mos postpartum with my 2nd, and it's still the same even though it's my 2nd. I gave up and know I'll be back to my old self in a few months! ;-)Thanks for stopping by!Tamarawww.theunexperiencedmom.com

    Posted by The (Un)Experienced Mom | November 21, 2009, 3:01 am

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